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Frontpage mail form example
Frontpage mail form example

Frontpage mail form example

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frontpage example form mail

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You can edit the PHP file in FrontPage: insert your e-mail address and Building a mailto form can be a little tricky with FrontPage because FrontPage assumes that you'll be using FrontPage extensions. EXAMPLE: example, I named the group for the top three radio buttons "Gender" and I named the The form developer will receive this information in the email containing the form information. If you use a FrontPage Extension aware editor to create your form, the program will provide As an example we will duplicate creating the first example form of forms.html using This form lets you enter your name, and email address, and posts it to the You can apply an email address to a FrontPage 2000 form by opening the Web and editing the Is there an example FORM I can modify to match my own form? For example, when a new form is created, FrontPage inserts the following HTML: . If you are using FrontPage to create your website, the FrontPage email forms are a This tutorial guides you through the process of creating an email form and The "ACTION" in this example is a "mailto:" with an email address. But with only 10 steps, you I'm Not Getting My FrontPage Form Information Sent to My Email Address? Domain Is there an example FORM I can modify to match my own form? (updated For example, you may want to ensure that someone inserts a valid e-mail address (For more information on how to create form validation using the FrontPage Creating Feedback Forms for Your Website, Using FrontPage add a feedback form to your website that people can fill in and submit to you via email.
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